Quickernotes – SOAP notes for MINDBODY

quickernotes soap notes for mindbody onlineIt’s finally ready for the big time.

I have worked on Quickernotes for about a year now. I initially built it for my offices. After seeing how much the doctors liked using it, and how fast it was I decided to make it available for sale as an add-on to MINDBODY systems.

We are in beta version. We are going to allow a limited number of users sign up and start using the software at a deep discount to work a few more bugs out and get feedback on the features we have. We also want to get feedback on new features that we haven’t thought of.

Our current features include:

  • voice dictation
  • copy past note into a new note
  • quick popover past note views
  • start a new note from the main screen
  • patient alerting system
  • print notes for a client

We also have features that are nice for viewing the schedule. Everything is color coded based on the appointment status and patient type. With a quick glance at the schedule you know exactly what is going on in your clinic.

If you use MINDBODY online and want to have SOAP notes that integrate with your clients and appointments then Quickernotes might be perfect for you. Give it a try, and let me know.



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Great idea with this! I have one question: is it possible to create an area above the note with customizable buttons for what you now call templates? After using ChiroTouch and finding this to be so helpful, I would really like to try out your program if it had this kind of option.It just feels like it would be too many steps to do the drop down box each time to choose a template. If it had buttons I could have some verbiage for different phrases I use often (“Digital palpation of the patient’s spine and extremities revealed the following area(s) of tight and tender fibers:”).
Thank you!

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