Blazing Fast Migrations For Laravel Testing

I recently purchased a course called “PHP Package Development” by @marcelpociot. The course was really good. If you are interested in package development for Laravel apps, I highly recommend it.

After completing the course I decided to take a stab at developing a package. It took me about 4 hours to build the package and upload it to packagist. Which is much less time that I would have predicted before watching Marcel’s course.

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Easy PhpStorm Live Template For PHPUnit Tests

Taking time to stop your work and create little helpers for repetitive tasks can really boost your productivity in the long run. I try to make it a point to streamline anything that I find annoying after a few encounters. Over time a lot of tiny wins become a huge gain in overall programming productivity. Continue reading “Easy PhpStorm Live Template For PHPUnit Tests”

Speed Up Your PHPUnit Tests – Disable Xdebug

I recently noticed that my PHPUnit tests were running kind of slow which prompted me to start looking into how to speed them up. After some digging, I discovered that Xdebug can have a major impact on the speed of your phpunit tests.

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Custom Collections – Laravel 5.3

I’ve been working on an application lately that is heavily dependent on data from a 3rd party API. To make matters more complicated the API terms of use don’t allow my app to store any of the data locally for periods longer than 48 hours. Apart from the API data, I also have a MySQL database where I store application data. Getting the data from the API was easy enough even though the SOAP-based API was absolutely awful. Continue reading “Custom Collections – Laravel 5.3”

Quickernotes – SOAP notes for MINDBODY

quickernotes soap notes for mindbody onlineIt’s finally ready for the big time.

I have worked on Quickernotes for about a year now. I initially built it for my offices. After seeing how much the doctors liked using it, and how fast it was I decided to make it available for sale as an add-on to MINDBODY systems.
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Listen 360 WordPress Plugin

I have created a plugin for the Listen 360 Platform that displays your reviews on a WordPress site or blog. It has some nice styling and it is really easy to setup. You simply enter your API key and URL that you can find once you sign up with Listen 360, select how many reviews you want to show per page, and select the colors that promoters, passives and detractors show up as and the plugin will take care of the rest.
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