Cell IDx E-commerce Application

Cell IDx needed a new application that would help them organize all of their products and integrate with a Shopify.com store that would allow customers to the site purchase products directly from the site without being redirected to Shopify.

You can view the finished product here: cellidx.com. Naturally, the admin section is password protected and is not viewable by unauthenticated users.

Requirements of the contract work I performed:

  • Build out the backend admin section enabling
    • Product creation
    • Product categorization and grouping
    • Image uploading per product
    • File uploading per product
    • Authenticate users
    • Provide password resets
    • Throttle login attempts by malicious users
    • Create dynamic JSON fields to allow non-uniform product data to be added
  • Write PhpUnit unit tests, feature tests and integration tests to make sure everything works to spec.
  • Create the Shopify store for Cell IDx
  • Build a Shopify application to allow product integration
    • Write a service to sync products from the admin site to Shopify
    • Sync products between application and Shopify when any changes or deletions were made.
  • Send the appropriate data to the front end for display
    • Display requirements were complex depending on multiple groups and/or product variables
  • Create a custom JavaScript Shopify cart integration to allow customers to purchase products directly from the Cell IDx website
  • Set up development and application servers
  • Set up development and application databases
  • Create an automated deployment process that deploys to the appropriate servers when changes are pushed to a private Git repository branch
  • Create an automated backup process that keeps rolling backups of images, files, and products in the database

Technology Used For Project

  • Laravel
  • PhpUnit
  • MySql
  • Ubuntu
  • Git
  • PHP 7.1
  • JavaScript

Final Thoughts

Overall I am really happy with how the project turned out. Cell IDx has been very happy with the end result. Since initial production deployment, we have not received any bug reports. For a project with this many moving parts to it, I think that’s pretty amazing!

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